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Dutch Girl Stroopwafels

An Authentic Dutch Experience:

Welcome to the world of Dutch Girl Cannabis-Infused Stroopwafel Cookies, where timeless tradition meets the modern delight of cannabis-infused treats. Our delectable  Stroopwafel cookies are meticulously crafted with real, sustainable ingredients and absolutely no preservatives, ensuring a pure and delicious experience with every bite.

Explore the delightful world of Dutch Girl Cannabis-Infused Stroopwafel Cookies and discover a new way to savor life's sweet moments. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and unmatched flavors makes every bite an experience worth savoring.

Carmel Dutch Girl.jpg

Caramel Stroopwafel

Strawberry Dutch Girl.jpg

Strawberry Stroopwafel

Moonberry Dutchgirl.jpg

Moonberry Stroopwafel

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